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    Push schematic not active


      Mr Davies

      Another question has come up, I am working on multiple projects so the previous answer you have given me has not been attended to yet.

      The new question is I have 2 schematics one has the push feature active and the other on does not. The problem is the schematic  that does not have the push feature active has been modified to the current pcb  design, But the one with the push feature has fallen behind. Is there any way to automatically update  the one fallen behind or do I have to do the update manually.


      Thank You

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          I have branched this new question from your original post, please stick to one question per thread otherwise we will never be able to answer the questions accurately.

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            As you elaborated in the thread this was branched from:


            "I have not created the schematic but on the cover page or page 1 there are Composites created titled as Drivers, Switches, Power band etc... when you do a right mouse button click on them the 6th selection down in the pop up window is called PUSH when you click on PUSH  it takes you to the page with the logic behind the tittle. It is a hierarchical function that also enables you to make changes in one section of the schematic and anything related to the change you make gets updated in the rest of the schematic"


            If you are talking about hierarchical design I suggest you watch the videos available from this page Design Creation

            Managing Hierarchy Parts 1 to 4 - although this shows the Xpedition flow the principles and behaviour are similar in PADS - particulalrly the integrated flow.

            If the videos don't help then post back here with exactly what it is you are trying to do.

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              Gotch Yeah ..... I shall return !