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Question asked by harman on May 4, 2017
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Hi all,

storig a complete PCB-project in the project path I noted that a file called padstackdb.psk will increase its size every time I push the store button. Meanwhile the size of this file is about 100MB!!...I think it happens each time I run the forward annotation.

Is there any possibility to reduce this file size again??. The problem is that this files will be reproduced from the project structure itself 3 times within the project and a copy is available in each backup file as well and therefore the overall size of my PCB job is bigger than 1GB!!.




I already tried to reduce this file by cleaning up the job, removing unused cells...but nothing helped to get this file smaller again.

changing the way I run the forward annotation didn't help as well.


thx for any hint to reduce this file size again.