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Openning xPCB takes long/freezes on 9% (few minutes)

Question asked by radek on May 9, 2017
Latest reply on May 9, 2017 by matthias.cosaert

Hi colleagues,

what can cause xPCB to freeze on 9% of loading for period of time when loading design? I think there is license checking procedure by that time of loading, because with another (nodelocked) license on another machine a window with license selection pops up after a while on 9% (viz screenshot). On Floating license programs just freezes for a few (5-9) minutes. Can it be caused by licenses located on three distance servers?


I tried using evaluation nodelocked license as well but it did not work at all. LM tools saw the license but program didn't start.


But my primary question is what is happening on starting up xPCB, what can cause program to freeze on 9% of loading.