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    Harness Insulation Clarity




      I like to think I'm an advanced user of VeSys 2.0 and generally have managed to solve any issue I have faced. However, this one has me stuck.


      The issue is how to clear identify when the same type of insulation (overlap tape) changes to a different part number (e.g. PVC tape to fabric tape). As both types are overlap tape the symbol is the same and as the part description is only under the longest section of the insulation run it is not clear.


      There is no option for displaying the start node and end node of an insulation run, which can be done with a bundle, but when the insulation changes in the middle of a bundle this cant be used.


      As a work around I have modified the symbol to have a clear defined start and end which does the job but is not clear.


      Attached is a simplified version of the issue, in reality each insulation run section could have multiple nodes, splices etc making it harder to read.


      Any ideas?

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          Hi Andy,


               Can you use color?  Create a Query expression based on component Part Type or Part Number (if type=reggex pattern(^SPC) then return BL (blue), (the Query expression return a color based on your condition, you add multiple condition/result in the same query), then in the Style Set, for the Insulation Layer (or Run... didn't remember which one), under Graphics, As primary color, you can select Query.


          As returning color, it shall be a color defined in the Part Library Color Description.


               Other solution, I remark under 2016.1 (Capital, not Vesys, but both are almost similar), seem to be able to define multiple shape and queries. but never test/verify this. 2016.1 still new.