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Importing Property Data through xDX Databook

Question asked by jamesgladden on May 11, 2017

The documentation on this subject ( )  contains the following statement:


"If you would like to use an existing database configuration with the PartQuest database, you can change the target .dbc file by editing the DatabookDBCFile entry in the  %WDIR%\PartQuest\PartQuest.ini file to an existing .dbc file that has already been populated.


Note that successive imports will still write to the default database file (PartQuest.mdb) as before, but the custom .dbc file specified will be updated with the new tables, which will reference the PartQuest.mdb file. In other words, the PartQuest import will edit your .dbc file to point at the PartQuest database in addition to the one you have specified. Both PartQuest tables and your custom tables will show up in the dropdown list in xDX Databook."


I have not been able to make this work.  If I set the value of DatabookDBCFile as suggested like:




then executing the "Import PartQuest Parts" command from DX Designer results in a dialog box like thIs:



However, the specified dbc file does NOT get modified, and neither does the default "PartQuest.dbc" file (or any other dbc file that I can find).  Interestingly the command updates the modification date on "PartQuest.ini", although there is no apparent change to the contents.  I also note that assigning a bogus file path to DatabookDBCFile results in the same behavior - no error message results.


I would appreciate hearing from anyone that has actual;ly made this work.