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Corrupted Decal Names in Layout

Question asked by stoane on May 10, 2017
Latest reply on May 10, 2017 by stoane

I am currently using the newest PADS Layout VX.2.1 release and face some serious issues with several names of decals, respectively the decals itself.


Now and then some of the decal names change to some sort of hieroglyphs after using the project integration on update or replace settings. To be exact, it seems it's affecting resistors and capacitors only.

For example our decal R0603 changes to Ò*[/ÅÌ/]*Ð^@^!".

Sometimes it's hitting all parts with the same decals at once and sometimes only a few of them, while the others stay untouched.


There is a way to fix this by generating an ASCII export, editing the file with an editor and changing all hieroglyphs back to their original name and finally importing everything back to a new .pcb file, but that is annoying and very time consuming.


Here two nearly identical resistors with the same symbols and decals from the central lib, but different properties out of an mysql database:



        A0000717_LAYOUT_ERROR.PNG            A0001433_LAYOUT.PNG

Only the left one got that kind of corruption, whilst the other is unharmed.


Any chance to find out where this is coming from?

Thank you very much!