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How to use "if" statement in Eldo?

Question asked by hafkhami on May 11, 2017
Latest reply on May 18, 2017 by alain_wittmann

Hello guys,


I want to use sort of special function in a subcircuit. Let assume we have a subcircuit as specified below


.subckt res X Y param: ro=10K

R1 X Y ro

if (((X)-V(Y))>=1) .param ro= 5K





It gives two errors as,


+   Syntax error in expression IF  ( ( V ( X )-V(Y ) ) > 1) .PARAM RO = 5K

+   Error: signe < or > expected at IF ( ( V ( X )-V(Y ) ) > 1)


I was expecting to see these errors bu I wonder how I can do that if I don't want to use a Verilog-A model?

I appreciate your help