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components placed at 45 degree increments have issues

Question asked by Wayne on May 12, 2017
Latest reply on May 15, 2017 by kbak

Hello all,

So I have a narrow board and I've placed a processor at 45 degrees to aid in the breakout.  The bypass caps and 4 other pulldown resistors are also at 45 degrees (or multiples of 45).

All the parts that are are the "normal" axis are fine...the ones that I have "angled" are giving me issues.


The CAM files present an error:

This error only shows up on layers related to layer 6 which is the only one with these parts.  (Bottom mask/paste/assembly/silk)

Also, when I run the files (it still allows me to run them even though throwing an error) all the components on the "angled" placements end up with pads that are rounded and not square or rectangular.


So two things:

1 - why is PADs rounding these component leads only - again...all the ones placed on "standard" 90 degree increments are fine.

2 - how do i fix it so it doesn't do it and what is the error message above all about?


I'm guessing it's a setting issue somewhere but can't find it.  I've done this successfully in the past and had no issues and can't imagine why this should be an issue now.

Thanks in advance, any help is appreciated.