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User of centering in LCell_MakeLogo function

Question asked by on May 24, 2017
Latest reply on May 28, 2020 by leonard

Hello Everyone


Probably a very basic question. However, I have some problems making the centering of text work when using the LCell_MakeLogo function in a T-Cell

The L-Edit manual says the following.



LStatus LCell_MakeLogo( LCell pCell, const char* szLogoString, LCoord nTextSize, LLayer pLayer, LBoolean bPrintDate, LBoolean bPrintMaskCopyright, LBoolean bUnderline, LCoord CenterPointX, LCoord CenterPointY, LBoolean bPrintCompanyLogo, LBoolean bSnapToGrid, LBoolean bCreateAsInstance, const char* cszLogoLibrary, const char* cszLogoCell, const char* cszLogoView, const char* cszCharacterSetFileName );



pCell Cell containing the port.

szLogoString String to generate as characters. The following special characters are


&c - Center Justify

&l - Left justify

&r - right justify

&d - Current date

&t - Company logo

&m - mask copyright

\n - newline


My function without centering looks like:


LCell_MakeLogo(cellCurrent, Label, 40000, SourceDrain, LFALSE, LFALSE, LFALSE, 0, -25000, LFALSE, LFALSE, LFALSE, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL);


where Label is a string.


How would the function look like when the centering &c is implemented?


Best regards