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Automation Manager malfunction

Question asked by wilfried.bauer on May 31, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2017 by Patrick.Cashman

I frequently loose my whole CustomTools menu when I try to change something using Automation Manager.

What I did so far:


I created a CustomTools menu for xDxDesigner with a few script entries. With some try&error it finally worked well.

To edit existing entries (e.g. renaming) I do as follows:

  • open Automation Manager
  • load DxDesigner scheme
  • select the script to be edited
  • click "Edit" button
  • change entry in "Name to display"
  • click "OK"
  • save changes by "Options - Save"

This results in

  • an empty CustomTools menu, no entries in this menu any more
  • all "...OnAction" rows in DxDStartup.vbs are gone
  • all "Path=..." entries in AM_DxDesigner.xml are missing


Maybe I did something wrong with the setup of pathes or environment variable (?).

These look as follows:







<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>


  <MenuItem Name="CustomTools">

  <Script Name="Scout Page Order - Log hierarchical paths to file in Project dir." Enabled="True" Expanded="False" Path="Y:\Wilfried_Bauer\CentralLibrary_VX\CorporateConfig\CustomTools\DxDesigner\scoutpageorder\scoutpageorder.vbs" />

  <Script Name="AutoAdd Cluster Properties through hierarchy" Enabled="True" Expanded="False" Path="Y:\Wilfried_Bauer\CentralLibrary_VX\CorporateConfig\CustomTools\DxDesigner\add_cluster_gproperties\add_cluster_core.vbs" />





'This startup script was auto generated by Automation Manager - v1.5.7.1117

Option Explicit


Dim MenuBar

Set MenuBar = CommandBars("Sheet Menu Bar")


Dim SDDAU_env

SDDAU_env = Scripting.GetEnvVariable("SDD_Automation_Utilities")

Dim CustomToolsMenu, CustomToolsMenuCtrls

Set CustomToolsMenu = MenuBar.Controls.Add(cmdControlPopup,,,9)

CustomToolsMenu.Caption = "CustomTools"



Dim scoutpageorder

Set scoutpageorder = CustomToolsMenu.Controls.Add

scoutpageorder.Caption = "Scout Page Order - Log hierarchical paths to file in Project dir."

scoutpageorder.OnAction = "run """ & SDDAU_env & "\DxDesigner\scoutpageorder\scoutpageorder.vbs"""

scoutpageorder.Enabled = True



Dim add_cluster_gui

Set add_cluster_gui = CustomToolsMenu.Controls.Add

add_cluster_gui.Caption = "AutoAdd Cluster Properties through hierarchy"

add_cluster_gui.OnAction = "run """ & SDDAU_env & "\DxDesigner\add_cluster_properties\add_cluster_core.vbs"""

add_cluster_gui.Enabled = True


SDD_Automation_Utilities environment variable



Would be helpful for me to get a hint on what I'm doing wrong.

Thanks for help and best regards