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How to create the Die as mention in image file ??

Question asked by k.r.kabaleeswaran on May 31, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2017 by k.r.kabaleeswaran

Hi every one,


I am working in Multi chip module. I have to create DIE package as mention in below image file. but I could not find any option to assign two die for one bond pad (wire bond pad) as  I mention in red color.(please compare the two image file.).How to assign as I mention in Image file .In big rectangle box ,I kept two bond pad over lap with each is not a correct way .I need to set Two Die pad wire should be connect with one bond pad. How to set in PADS Layout .


I have the .CSV file for 1st and 2nd pins are AGND. i paste the snap shot for this location, i think tool will not support two Die pad number should be in which i need to change the .CSV file. Kindly reply any one.


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