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Corporate Backup Settings?

Question asked by bjorn.nilsson on May 31, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2017 by robert_davies

Is it possible to create a configuration file in the corporate WDIR-directory that mandates the backup settings for all schematic projects?

I do have a ProjectBackup.cfg template file in my <WDIR>\templates\dxdesigner\expedition\ProjectBackup\ that sets the correct backup settings for all new projects, but I have realized that there are users that either willfully, or by accident, have changed these settings.


I should probably disable the possibility for the users to edit the "User"-backup settings in the corporate <WDIR>\iCDB/ProjectBackup - but that will only solve the issue for new (or unedited) projects - how should I as an administrator handle the projects where the settings are already changed?