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    PartQuest faulty behavior


      A Linear technology part allegedly available in PartQuest via Digikey (LTC3245MPMSE#PBF-ND); a) does not produce a downloadable file, but results in a  long-running (2 minutes) 'hourglass' equivalent, b) systematically ends in a timeout with the associated message...



         LTC3245MPMSE#PBF-ND  function (p0){return'Failed to download the part: '+p0+'';}LTC3245MPMSE#PBF-ND


      A resolution and/or - at least - an answer will be appreciated.



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          Jorge – thanks for your question. I am going to move it to our Partsquest Designer Integration community that is specifically for this type of question. There are also additional links to resources that may be of benefit to you.


          The Members Resources community is primarily for general community questions or suggestion.