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ECAD-MCAD Collaboration using IDX

Question asked by william.leitzke1 on Jun 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2017 by Alex_Grange

Hi everyone, thanks for your help in advance.


We are starting to migrate from using IDF transfer for ECAD-MCAD collaboration, to using IDX transfer format. We are currently using Expedition for our ECAD tool. Our environment is multi-cad - primarily Creo, but we do have some NX usage in the company.


We are looking to see if anyone has any previous experience or ideas for updating the IDX file output to support differences in the ECAD cell name (Model) and the MCAD model name. The MCAD models have a _CR or _NX suffix added to the ECAD name so that we can have different MCAD models stored in our PLM system, based on the MCAD tool that uses the model.


We are looking for info in creating a script (or scripts), or identifying where the IDX file needs to be updated, that will be able to add the appropriate suffix so that when we read in the IDX file into Creo or NX it will pull in the appropriate MCAD model. The other script for the converse will strip the _CR or _NX suffix when we go back to the ECAD tool.


Thanks again,