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Attribute incorrectly attached to my layout footprint

Question asked by rflowers on Jun 12, 2017
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Hey yall...


I have recently added a new attribute to all my PADS library parts called 'ROHS' (using it to indicate which parts are ROHS and which are not)


However, when doing an ECO update to an older board, it has somehow added the 'ROHS' attribute to one PADS layout footprint (my '0603' footprint), and when I do an ECO update, in the older schematic it flags as a mismatch all the parts that use an 0603 layout footprint since the 0603 layout footprint somehow has 'ROHS' attached to ITS own attributes.


To be clear, I have a PADS layout footprint called '0603' that now has 'ROHS' added to the FOOTPRINT itself (i.e. not to the schematic part).  So, when I do an ECO update to the PCB, it thinks that all my parts on the old board that use an 0603 footprint need the 'ROHS' attribute.  I never added the ROHS attribute to any particular pcb layout footprint, how the heck did the ROHS attribute get added the 0603 footprint?!


I opened the 0603 footprint in 'edit decal' and choose EDIT > ATTRIBUTE MANAGER and deleted the ROHS attribute that is now embedded in the 0603 footprint, and did this locally and in the main library.  I then updated all the 0603 footprints in my PCB.  However, the ROHS attribute is immediately back after I do the update, and I can go back into edit decal again and see that it is now back as if I never deleted it.


I went into the main library and delete the ROHS attribute from the main library version of the 0603 and there (in the main library decal) it then DOES stay deleted


Also, I went back into PCB layout and into TOOLS > UPDATE FROM LIBRARY and chose to update all 0603 footprints from the main library (and it DOES report a mismatch that the main library does NOT have the ROHS attribute on the 0603 footprint, whereas the 0603 footprint in my PCB does have it).  It updates them, and then they are immediately back and undeleted somehow.


I have spent over 2 hours trying to figure this out and am totally stumped.


What am I missing?



Randy Flowers