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Color by Net or Class must follow with schemes?

Question asked by eng.same.tan on Jun 15, 2017
Latest reply on May 4, 2018 by eng.same.tan

Normally I will set some different colors for nets (marked) and change layers by using most of my own saved schemes under Display Control.

In EE7.9.5, when I switch to other scheme in, all the colors that I set remained (which is very good), but not in VX.

In VX with new Display Control UI, when I change my scheme, the colors are not remain because the colors saved together with the scheme.

Actually, this problem bothers me since when I start to use VX.

Any idea how to remain the colors without saving into schemes (that EE7.9.5 did)?

I feel I waste a lot of times to save all my schemes one by one when I add/edit new colors on certain nets.