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Calibre, LVS, new layer

Question asked by samer1 on Jun 19, 2017
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I am currently integrating a new layer for a device (memristor) into calibre LVS. I is a two terminal device with pins p and n. in the LVS. layers file, I defined the layer "RR" representing the memrsitor device and in the extraction file I wrote:


DEVICE memr (memr) RR M1(n) M2(p)

knowing that memr is the name of the model file. p and n are labels on the M2 and M1 layers repectively

The LVS gives me an error indicating that it cannot establish mas connectivity for layer M1. of course if I swap M1 and M2 in the DEVICE statement, the same error arises for M2.

I then added another connect statement to short M1 and M2 with RR:


DEVICE memr (memr) RR M1(n) M2(p)


when I added this statment, it indicates no matching subckt for memr in the file. And, of course, when I look at the spice netlist, I find the memr device shorted and says no subckt.


Can someone help resolve that issue?