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    MGCPCBEngines.dll in VX.2.x is not working


      I'm in the process of upgrading all of our automation tools for use with VX.2.1.  Everything for DxDesigner appears to be working correctly, but PCB tools are not.  I've narrowed the problem down the the MGCPCBEngines.dll being faulty.  Also there is some problem with the MaskEngineAutomationController.dll in VX.2.1.  Also, neither of these dll's appear in the list of registered COM objects, meaning that one cannot add them as references to a project.  I found the dlls in the Mentor install tree and added them using the .NET Assembly Browser in my IDE, and I was then able to add them as references but they are still broken.


      If anyone has successfully used either of these dlls from VX.2.1, please let me know how you did it and what are the versions, dates, and source locations of the dll files you used.  Mentor guys if you could look into this and see if you can see what might have gone wrong, I would appreciate it very much.


      I have opened SR 2976157693 for this issue on Supportnet.

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          A solution has been found.  Clinton Wittstruck, the support engineer assigned to my SR, was very helpful, and discovered the problem.  He had me run a tool called ProcessMonitor, which logs all process activity.  I ran it across the time I started an application with the MGCPCBEngines dll in use and causing a crash, and attached the output log to the SR.  He checked it over and took note that I have been compiling for 32 bit processors, but have installed the 64 bit version of VX.2.1.


          So I tried to switch the project to compile for 64 bit systems, and the SharpDevelop IDE gave an error message saying it could not compile for 64 bit systems.  Maybe I am doing something wrong in the project settings.  Not sure.  But I switched to the Visual Studio VB.net IDE, set it to compile for x64, and it had no problem.  It also shows all the needed COM objects, which the SharpDevelop IDE does not.  And the COM object list shows the version of each item, so you can be sure to get the latest one when there are more than one version registered with the same name.


          So Mentor has come through.  Microsoft has come through.  I have been a loyal user of SharpDevelop for many years, but it looks like I'll have to switch over to VS. 


          I will update my VX.2.1 template, compile it for 64 bit, and post up when it's ready in its own thread.