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Migration from Mentor Xpedition to Mentor PADS is feasible? (efforts, limitations, risks).

Question asked by mamoru.sato1 on Jun 27, 2017

1. I'm user Mentor Xpedition® Enterprise, but due to the high cost of the licenses I'd like to know which the main migration differences from Xpedition® Enterprise to PADS professional:

Current tools (licenses)

- Central Library;

- DxDesigner;

- Expedition PCB;

- Fablink XE;

- Drawing Editor;

- HyperLynx;


2. Our designs are a mix of analog HW with digital (High Speed):

  • Analog:

- Analog interface;

- Linear sources / regulators;


  • Digital:

- Processors up to x86 (New);

- Memory up to DDR4;

- DSP;



3. How much would the cost reduction of licenses be?