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How to fix DRC errors  and overflow issues in IC station ?

Question asked by jasperng10 on Mar 16, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2009 by venugopal.pabba

Hi there,


I am new to this community as well as IC station and calibre. Currently, I am doing ASIC flow using ADK design kit. I used Design Architect to generate EDDM view point and had generated the layout in IC station. However, I faced problem with fixing overflow after autorouting. I did my research on how to fix overflow and ended up in vain.


My mehod of fixing overflow now is

1) type "check over" at the IC session.

2) A message will pop out and I select ALL overflows.

3) then I click AutoOvr

4) A small menu bar pop out at the bottom and I click OK

5) A message prompted which say //  Note: Enter a valid value for argument: probe_extent (from: Ic/Ample/Argument 03)


There are no input box or whatsoever to input any argument. Also, I dont know what argument do I need to input.  I could not solve this and therefore I am currently stuck with this fixing of overflows.I have tried many things but nothing seems to work ...Any help would be greatly appreciated.


On the other hand, I faced DRC errors with simple layout. Im using TMSC 0.35 rules. and I faced alot of DRC errors which I have no experience in fixing it. I would like to know are there any comprehensive tutorial that could teach me how to fix every each of the type of DRC errors ? Tutorial with diagrams would be great.... I tried to search but mostly just mention that all DRC errors must be fix before moving on to LVS verification. Help would be appreaciated. ..


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