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How elaborate DxD schematic from external nets

Question asked by massimo on Jun 30, 2017

Hi to everybody,

I ask you about the following issue.


Mentor Graphics info.

Flow Id: IND7.9.5_SW

Full Flow Name: Vendor-Independent Flow


I have a project with a single board and one schematic (--> structure flat, not hierarchical).

When schematic is finished, I generate netlist from PCB interface in PADS logic format (.asc).

By using a converter (developed personally), I generate a netlist with same informations in Altium format (.net).

So, the designer of pcb can easily place the components from his library and connect them, before routing step.


Sometimes, it can happen that, after routing step, the board is separated in 2 or 3 boards (board=pcb).

He can give me the Altium netlist (.net) of each board and I can reconvert in PADS logic format (.asc).


Could I use these nets to separate also DxD schematic in 3 boards?

It could be useful to generate separated bom of each board and have separated schematics...


If something is not clear, please ask me.

Thanks in advance to everybody.