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    Schematic net colour by Class


      I have a need to show the net colour in a schematic, depending on the net class (the same as can be done in Expedition).  This should then be printable (or at least saved as a PDF).


      Does anyone know if this can be done?  Someone here has started looking at doing it with a script, but we have the additional problem that the classes are defined in CES for the physical nets (PCB tracename), but the schematic does not have the physical netname (only the schematic netname).


      I need this in DxDesigner V.7.9.4u6

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          Alan - thanks for your question. This area is for general community questions and suggestions. I am going to move it to the more product-specific Design Creation sub-community in the Xpedition community. If you feel this is mis-placed, just let me know.

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            Thanks Admin.  I was trying to find the area for DxD, and could only find tags and seemed to remember that the 'new' site used tags to organise topics.


            At the moment, I am trying to perform the colour change using cross-probing from CES, but the problem I have is that it only seems to change the properties for the first 8 pages that it opens (the first 8 that show in the list open windows).  I then have to go to Window -> Más ventanas... and select a different window and change the preferences there; then I have to do it again, but the next window...  I have up to 66 windows that open from cross-probe.


            When it doesn't work, after selecting the new colour/width, the properties window goes back to saying multiple values.  When it works, it shows the new colour/width.

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              Colour by net class isn't supported in xDX Designer (directly) but is on our roadmap for the product. In VX.2.1 we introduced the ability to colour by net name so that all instances of the name had the colour assignment without the need to traverse each page.

              In your rather old version of DxDesigner you would nee to do this by automation.

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                Hello Robert.

                We use VX2.1. The integrated "Colored Net" is nice. But I hope it is only the beginning of a great Feature. The idea/direction is good.

                But really usable it will be, when there are this two more Options:

                a) Color by NET-Class (Final -> Best solution)

                b) Color all selected Nets (at one time) -> work around for selecting nets by Net-Class via CES->Cross-probe, but this is of course not flexible. (if you change later a net to another net-class for example) - so a) would be the best one.


                Can you tell us if there is something at your todo list?

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                  The answer is that it is on the roadmap - Would like to have the ability to assign color to nets based on netclasses - D3622 see this Idea for more information.