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Toolchain for kernel version 2.6

Question asked by sasbs on Jul 18, 2017

I've got the following problem:


I 'inherited' an embedded linux project which uses the toolchain CodeSourcery. This toolchain is bound to the hardware of the computer.


Now the project should be transferred to another computer.


To keep things easy (as stated before, I inherited the project, so I don't know it very well) I intended to buy Sourcery codebench. I read in the documentation, that the GNU C library of the toolchain needs a linux kernel 3.2.0 or later on the target.

In the project I inherited, the target Linux version is 2.6.


Could you please give me any advice how to solve the problem? Is it possible to buy an older version of Sourcey Codebench, that runs with the kernel 2.6? Or is it possible to buy a lincense for the old toolchain?


Thank you very much in advance.