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    Part List Exclude


      Is there a way to add the Part List Exclude property to all parts in library so that it shows up in properties to check or uncheck for exclusion or will it have to be done for each individual part as they are placed on the schematic? I have tried checking it in the netlist.prp file but it lists as a character string but never shows up when I place parts

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          Thanks for your question, Chris. I am going to move it to the appropriate product-specific community where it will receive greater visibility. This Members Resources space is for general community questions and suggestions.


          To make sure I am moving it to the correct community, are you asking about Xpedition or PADS?



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            I am asking about PADS VX.1.2



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              There have been some changes in property handling  in the way such things are handled, but introduced after VX.2.

              Firstly check that the property isn't already in the property file:


              In VX.2 it is already declared (I don't have VX.1.2 installed so can't check there)


              *TEXTPROP  629  CELL 255  "True|False"  1  "Part List Exclude"  0.080in  VISIBLE  SINGLE  TEMPLATE  "Default"  6  1  3  0  0  1


              In which case you should be able to set it to either True or False on each symbol. In VX.2 we treat the piped properties as a proper choice that you select rather then the note to say use True of False.

              From VX.2.1 the ability to exclude the part is settable from the context menu - Layout - Exclude from Part List. So your original request is answered from VX.2.1 onwards. For VX.1.2 you will have to add the property manually via the Properties dialog. You could add it to all your symbols with a value of False and work that way but it is a bit of a sledgehammer to crack a nut.