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PADS VX2.1 - Smart PDF Missing hyperlinks

Question asked by ritu on Aug 3, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2017 by ritu

This is related to Smart PDF generation using PADS VX2.1.

PADS Schematic(created using ver 9.5) is migrated in VX2.1.

The Smart PDF generated is not having Visible Component/ Net hyperlinks(although the option is checked while creating the PDF).

Few components have been identified, which when used in a new schematic also, generate the smart PDF with missing Properties & net hyperlinks.


FYI : PDF when generated using PADS VX1.2 is ok.

Attached is the DxDesigner Schematic with an IC(U?) & a connerctor(J?).

The IC is causing the smart pdf problem. If it is deleted, the Smart PDF is with hyperlinks.


The PDFs with and without the IC are also attached for reference