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Calibre/LVS/ Device statement

Question asked by samer1 on Aug 4, 2017
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Can I represent two different device elements/models with the same layer in lvs?

I have a device represented by layer"RR" with terminals represented by derived layers "pos" and "neg". Originally, that stack would correspond to  element and model name :"memrA" such that I would write the following in the LVS rule file:


DEVICE memrA (memrA) RR neg(n) pos (p)

now I have another device memrB. I want to represent it with the very same stack : DEVICE memrB (memrB) RR neg(n) pos (p) such that the LVS works whether memrA or memrB is in the schematic, knowing that only one device will exist: either A or B.


can someone help me with that?