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Where is the 'Manage Sheet Backups tool' in xDX Designer?

Question asked by fontain on Aug 7, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2018 by s.kofler

Frequently I'm getting a 'Database roolback size warning' when opening a project. It says something like:

"There are 243 xDX Designer rollback points in project xxxxxx. For better performance you should consider removing some of them using the Manage Sheet Backups tool in xDX Designer"


I can't seem to find this 'Manage Sheet Backups tool' anywhere in the menu's of version VX.2.1. The documentation doesn't seem to mention this tool either. Where can I find this tool, and what does it actually do?


The only way I can find to manage the sheets is the 'File > Clear Backups' function, but this seems to work on a single sheet only. There must be a more user friendly way to manage the sheet backups?