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Difficulty in PEX check

Question asked by ishantanand on Aug 14, 2017



i have written two scripts in skill, one is trying to make the multiple copies of symbol in new schematic design and 2nd one that will call the layout (of same design whose symbol we are using) multiple times to form the layout of our new design.
Then I passed my design for DRC and LVS check, there is no any error coming but while passing through PEX check, i am facing some problems.
1. In PEX window, if i choose "Use names from:Schematic" then in PEX error is coming(Names in schematic and layout both are same). and If i choose "Use names from:Layout" . Then error is not coming,a warning is coming which i am not able to understand.




I am scratching my head from last two days but didn't get any solution of this. I would really appreciate if you could Help. Attaching my commands and screenshot of output window.



For layout copying, using commands:

for(i 0 row-1

for(j 0 col-1

loc_x = 2*ring_wd + 2*ring_sp + cell_width*j

loc_y = 2*ring_wd + 2*ring_sp + cell_height*i

sprintf(cellInst "cellinst_%d_%d" i j)


sprintf(cell_Name "cell_Name_%d_%d" i j)

cell_Name = dbOpenCellViewByType(sramLib_

Name cellCV_Name "layout" "maskLayout" "r")


cellInst = dbCreateInst(SRAM_cv cell_Name cellInst list(loc_x, loc_y) orientation)




For Schematic copying, i am using these commands:


for(i 0 col-1
for(j 0 row-1


sprintf(cellInst "cellinst_%d_%d" i j)
sprintf(cellCV_Name "cell_CV_Name_%d_%d" i j)
cellCV_Name =  dbOpenCellViewByType(design_Lib_Name cell_Name "symbol" "schematicSymbol" "r")
cellInstId= dbCreateInst(new_design cellCV_Name cellInst list(3.5*i, 3.5*j) orientation)