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    xDx get Component Pin Direction (in,out,bi) via Script


      Hello out there,

      I am looking for a way to get the Dirction of a Component Pin, if it is Input, Output, or Bidirectional.

      Any Ideas where the Property can be found ?


      Thank you

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          I found something out on my own, pls. see VBA code below:


          '# We try to get Pin Direction
          '# (Pin = in, out, bi, ...)
          Dim numOfAttributes As Integer
              numOfAttributes = Con.CompPin.Pin.Attributes.Count
          Dim j As Integer
          For j = 1 To numOfAttributes
          Dim pinAttrib As ViewDraw.Attribute
            Set pinAttrib = Con.CompPin.Pin.Attributes.Item(j)
          Debug.Print "attributeName: " & pinAttrib.name & " --> Value: " & pinAttrib.Value

          This code gave me what I was looking for. Working via "FindAttribute" was'nt successful so far, any Ideas, how to accomplish this ?