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Fine tuning of copper cutout under lumped elements and RF connectors to minimize impedance mismatch in high speed and RF signal paths

Question asked by reza on Aug 10, 2017


I want to fine tune the size of copper cutout under the series capacitors, balun and SMA connector in an ANT interface (3.5 to 6.9 GHz) to reduce the impedance discontinuity because of trace width mismatches especially when signal gets to SMA ANT.

The overall trace length is 10mm from UWB RFIC diff pairs to ANT and the worst mismatch is the SMA ANT pad which is 3.5mm long.

I need to know how to do the simulation in HyperLynx to measure the impedance mismatch caused by trace width change when it gets to SMA ANT wide pad and improvements made when cutouts with different sizes are made in reference plane (this will change the reference plane to reference to the next plane).