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    get collection of specific component with VBscript


      Hello Community,


      I want to know the best way to parse specific component (in my case every time i do it with nested loops on all the board, schematic, sheets, ...) in this way, script will take lot of time to be executed, i know that there is other way to get collection of specific component ( i think that in this way we can optimize time and script will be more fast ).


      so someone can help me in this topic by script examples ?


      Best Regards,


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          The fastest way to select a part in either the board or schematic is with the PCB open, then use the following:


          (assumes you already have a valid reference to pcbdoc, the PCB document object)


          dim refdes as string

          dim comp as mgcpcb.component


          refdes = "U1"

          comp = pcbdoc.findcomponent(refdes)

          comp.selected = true



          if the U1 component exists it will be selected in the board.  With cross-probing turned on, it will also be selected in the schematic.