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    Two layout sessions on same PC now use TWO licenses


      In the past if I started up Expedition (or even Board Station) layout on a PC I obtained a single Layout license set, as  long as i stayed on that PC I could launch a second Layout session on a 2nd design and it would use the existing license i had checked out from the 1st Layout session.


      They have changed that paradigm!


      Now, If I launch a 2nd Layout session I now check out a 2nd layout license.


      When an why would this have changed?

      This does not make sense, I'm the same user on the same PC using the the same display, yet i now need 2 licenses to view or work on two designs simoultaneously.

      I mean even the dreaded Microsoft allow us to view and workon two Word documents at the same time.


      This has our bean counters in a frenzy, PCB layout folks are now asking if we are able to purchase 2x the number of licenses and being told "no it is too costly", us tools folks are looking at alternattives to meet their needs.

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          Hi Jim,


          Mentor calls this "innovation" DATA CENTRIC LICENSING. I, along with many other user in the community, did not ask for this innovation...


          With Expedition (or PADS professional) there is a workaround:

            To make this a little bit easy on the layout people is to instruct them to open the second design from the tool as "open as reference" This will not consume additional licenses, but the design is in read only mode (sort of)


          Hope this helps


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            Thanks Matija,


            I did discover the "open as reference"  option, but being in read only mode one cannot export data (i.e.CES rules). You can copy (placement, routing) from the reference design back to your active design, which is at least one benefit, but it is still irksome that we had functionality removed, functionality which we paid for, but is now costing us 2X what we used to spend.


            The same holds true for DxDesigner. we used to consume 1 license when opening one or two designs,  now it always consumes 2 licenses when the 2nd design is opened.