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    No Decompressors found



      Here is the error I get...any idea what to look for or how to debug this error?


      //  Begin EDT Finder analyses.

      //  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

      //  Finding EDT logic.

      //  Error: No decompressors found.

      //         Potential LFSM state elements that match the filter '*lfsm_vec_reg*': 32

      //         32 of those have no predecessors.

      //         One state element failing in that way is:

      //         '/top_edt_i/top_edt_decompressor_i/\lfsm_vec_reg[0] /inst2/mlc_dff' (340341). (F4-1)

      //  Recognition of possible EDT hardware LFSM's aborted.

      //  EDT Finder aborted, CPU time=0.14 sec.

      //  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

      //  Error: Rules checking unsuccessful, cannot exit SETUP mode.

      // 'DOFile atpg.DONT_MODIFY.dof.tcl' aborted at line 623


      Thanks and Regards



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          Hi Chandan,


          The error comes from EDT Finder.  When EDT Finder is enabled the tool tries to find the EDT logic based on structural learning.  In your case you have F4 violation meaning the tool could not find a decompressor.  The tool was able to find a decompressor by structural learning but is able to find a name of what looks like a decompressor register.  Try 'set_gate_report drc state' to find out if the register '/top_edt_i/top_edt_decompressor_i/\lfsm_vec_reg[0] ' has connected ports and clock is not X. 


          Please feel free to open a service request via https://support.mentor.com if you need more help.