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No Decompressors found

Question asked by ckdas123 on Aug 23, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2017 by ana_keim


Here is the error I get...any idea what to look for or how to debug this error?


//  Begin EDT Finder analyses.

//  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

//  Finding EDT logic.

//  Error: No decompressors found.

//         Potential LFSM state elements that match the filter '*lfsm_vec_reg*': 32

//         32 of those have no predecessors.

//         One state element failing in that way is:

//         '/top_edt_i/top_edt_decompressor_i/\lfsm_vec_reg[0] /inst2/mlc_dff' (340341). (F4-1)

//  Recognition of possible EDT hardware LFSM's aborted.

//  EDT Finder aborted, CPU time=0.14 sec.

//  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

//  Error: Rules checking unsuccessful, cannot exit SETUP mode.

// 'DOFile atpg.DONT_MODIFY.dof.tcl' aborted at line 623


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