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    Get package status of a DxDesigner design by VBscript automation


      Hello communities,


      the object of my question is to find a good way to detect that the design is Packaged, when i execute Part Lister and if the Design is Unpackaged, Output window will return this message : "Warning : Generated output may be incomplete : Unpackaged design detected!", i think this is a safe way  to be sure that the Design is Unpackaged for this i need to know how to extract text from icdbPartsLister Output window (generation icdbPartsLister log file will be more better).


      In my case I execute icdbPartsLister with the code below :


      cmd_ligne_master = "cmd.exe /C icdbPartsLister " & " -prj=" & chr(34)  & ProjectPath & "\" & ProjectName  & ".prj" & chr(34) & " -cfg=" & chr(34) ipl_path & chr(34) & " -out=" & chr(34) & ProjectPath & "\” ouputFileName & chr(34)

      oShell.run (cmd_ligne_master)


      so this two line of code works correctly and generate the required output file but I think there is something other to add for generating icdbPartsLister Log File,

      For this I add the code below but it does not generate the required file :


      returnOutput = oShell.run ("cmd.exe /C " & cmd_ligne_master & " >" & chr(34) & ProjectPath & "\Log Files\Partlisterlog.txt" & chr(34),,true)


      comparing between execution way of the first code and the second I detect that maybe it is missing something (in the first code cmd appear and i can show that part lister is excecuted, but in the second code cmd appear and disappear).


      to write the second code i use this discussion : Get package status of a DxDesigner design


      can you help to solve this issue ?


      Many Thanks,