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Get package status of a DxDesigner design by VBscript automation

Question asked by ozaouiidrissi on Aug 25, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2017 by Patrick.Cashman

Hello communities,


the object of my question is to find a good way to detect that the design is Packaged, when i execute Part Lister and if the Design is Unpackaged, Output window will return this message : "Warning : Generated output may be incomplete : Unpackaged design detected!", i think this is a safe way  to be sure that the Design is Unpackaged for this i need to know how to extract text from icdbPartsLister Output window (generation icdbPartsLister log file will be more better).


In my case I execute icdbPartsLister with the code below :


cmd_ligne_master = "cmd.exe /C icdbPartsLister " & " -prj=" & chr(34)  & ProjectPath & "\" & ProjectName  & ".prj" & chr(34) & " -cfg=" & chr(34) ipl_path & chr(34) & " -out=" & chr(34) & ProjectPath & "\” ouputFileName & chr(34) (cmd_ligne_master)


so this two line of code works correctly and generate the required output file but I think there is something other to add for generating icdbPartsLister Log File,

For this I add the code below but it does not generate the required file :


returnOutput = ("cmd.exe /C " & cmd_ligne_master & " >" & chr(34) & ProjectPath & "\Log Files\Partlisterlog.txt" & chr(34),,true)


comparing between execution way of the first code and the second I detect that maybe it is missing something (in the first code cmd appear and i can show that part lister is excecuted, but in the second code cmd appear and disappear).


to write the second code i use this discussion : Get package status of a DxDesigner design


can you help to solve this issue ?


Many Thanks,