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    Hyperlynx DRC - Associating a Model with a Component Automatically?


      I'm using Hyperlynx DRC V6.5 under an evaluation license.


      In the case of RPACKs, the design has 156 of them. I created a component model for them using the help documentation. I created the pin and pin - pair models. The model shows up in the Component Model list with a name RPACK1.


      I create a User Object called RPACKS and defined the rules such that it finds all 156 of them and puts them into a nice spreadsheet.


      How can I get the tool to automatically assign the Model Name to them? Or, at a minimum allow me to do spreadsheet type actions on the columns, e.g. Copy Down etc.


      This does not seem right that I have to assign Type (resistor) and Model Name (RPACK1 to each and every part individually. It takes forever!


      What am I missing?



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          Rory Riggs

          Hi Ken,


          The Mentor Communities are more of a forum and discussion area for engineers, users, enthusiasts and electronics people to share ideas and learn to and from each other.  Thanks for posting on the community!


          During a limited time evaluation license trial, I suggest contacting your local AE support for an immediate response.  This will direct your question to an expert who is there to help you immediately and can even work with you one-on-one!  Your local support will help answer all of your questions during your license eval period so that you can have the most opportunity to work with the software during that time period.