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Cell Editor New Scheme Error 

Question asked by sebastiansz on Aug 29, 2017

Dear All,


I am having problem loading new scheme when editing or creating new cells in Mentor Cell Editor (Expedition PCB). All I wanted to do is to change EditorControl -> Grids -> Other Grids(mm) -> Drawing -> change from 0.25 to 0.1 and saved scheme. But when I load new scheme, I am confronted with fallowing error "Can't set selected scheme! reason: Editor Control error 013: Cant save data to Windows Registry!."  Software version EE7.9.3.


I have attempted to run  Library manager and cell editor as Administrator but then I am confronted with error massage that I have no licence.


Any suggestions how to fix it, will be much appreciated.


Best Regards,

Sebastian Szczupak


Mentor Cell Editor.PNG