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    Can get cell boundaries and length/width but not of topcell in Calibredrv




      I'm trying to get my topcell boundary, and it has more cells under its hierarchy.


      Im trying:

          set topcell [$L topcell]

          set cellinfo [$L iterator ref $topcell range 0 end -depth 0 0]

          foreach c $cellinfo {

             puts "test"

             puts "This cell is: [lindex $c 0 0]"

             puts "X: [lindex $c 0 1] Y: [lindex $c 0 2]"

             puts "Boundary X: [lindex $c 2 0] Boundary Y: [lindex $c 2 1]"

             puts "Width: [lindex $c 2 2] height : [lindex $c 2 3]"



      as per calibredrv_ref_manual.


      However, that only gets the info for the 2 cells under the top cell. if i increase the depth to 0 10 or whatever, it does it for all subcells even deeper, but not the actual topcell.


      How do i get it for the actual topcell itself?