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Can get cell boundaries and length/width but not of topcell in Calibredrv

Question asked by max229 on Aug 29, 2017



I'm trying to get my topcell boundary, and it has more cells under its hierarchy.


Im trying:

    set topcell [$L topcell]

    set cellinfo [$L iterator ref $topcell range 0 end -depth 0 0]

    foreach c $cellinfo {

       puts "test"

       puts "This cell is: [lindex $c 0 0]"

       puts "X: [lindex $c 0 1] Y: [lindex $c 0 2]"

       puts "Boundary X: [lindex $c 2 0] Boundary Y: [lindex $c 2 1]"

       puts "Width: [lindex $c 2 2] height : [lindex $c 2 3]"



as per calibredrv_ref_manual.


However, that only gets the info for the 2 cells under the top cell. if i increase the depth to 0 10 or whatever, it does it for all subcells even deeper, but not the actual topcell.


How do i get it for the actual topcell itself?