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    Minimum clearance not being used by AutoRouter


      I'm having trouble getting the AutoRoute to shrink traces when necessary.  I'm working with a two layer card, and I would like to route my power nets as 40mils accept where they go to a connector pin that is buried between other pins.  (For example, the center row of pins on a 3 row connector) 


      I might be going about this all wrong, but this is what I am doing:

      Setup->Design Rules->Net-> (select power nets) Clearance->Minimum to 1 mil, Recommended to 40 mils, Maximum to 40 mils.

      Tools->PADs Router -> AutoRoute in Foreground - >Proceed.


      The result is that the power nets connected to pins in the middle row of connectors do not get routed.


      I'm using PADs Layout VX.1.1 and PADS Router VX.1.1