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Minimum clearance not being used by AutoRouter

Question asked by stevendeeds on Sep 5, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2017 by vinayarora

I'm having trouble getting the AutoRoute to shrink traces when necessary.  I'm working with a two layer card, and I would like to route my power nets as 40mils accept where they go to a connector pin that is buried between other pins.  (For example, the center row of pins on a 3 row connector) 


I might be going about this all wrong, but this is what I am doing:

Setup->Design Rules->Net-> (select power nets) Clearance->Minimum to 1 mil, Recommended to 40 mils, Maximum to 40 mils.

Tools->PADs Router -> AutoRoute in Foreground - >Proceed.


The result is that the power nets connected to pins in the middle row of connectors do not get routed.


I'm using PADs Layout VX.1.1 and PADS Router VX.1.1