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Select unroutes with script

Question asked by wcowles2 on Sep 7, 2017

I need help from some one. Want to select unroutes by scripting. Using PADS VX 2.1. Wanting end points of unroutes for selected nets.

Looked thru help screens under nets, pin-pairs and routes. Could not find unroutes.

So far found ASCII file can be used, but I am more for linking Excel and PADS and writing ASCII. Not reading ASCII with scripts. This will also return all nets not just those of interest.

Idea is to fan out devices to edge of each. Then reduce crossing by swapping nets around.

Current plan to route each device to edge. List unroutes end in Excel. Sort end coordinates with matching pin. Create pin swap ECO file. After pins are on right net, paste traces back in from temporary window.