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DxDatabook does not always save data entered

Question asked by wolferm on Sep 7, 2017

Has anyone noticed that when entering parametric data into the database it magically vanishes.

When this first started happening I thought operator error must be at fault, guess I really didn't hit save or something.

But it has been happening quite often now and I can now ask with much more certainty what is going on here?

I can fill in all of the specific data we use in the database I scroll left and right see all of the fields filled with what I just typed.

I hit the save entry appropriately.

I don't of course close database then go back in to recheck what is there. I just saw it was all there!

Someone then uses the part i just created, and a few of fields (that I know 100% sure were filled in) are now blank in properties

and of course won't show up in schematic on symbol. It ususaly happens to Part Name, Par Label & a RoHS field.

I go back into edit parametric data for that part and for sure those files are blank

I enter data again. this time it seems to take

Go back to the schematic delete part add new and all properties show up as expected.

This keeps happening and it is very disturbing.