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    First DRC deck code review


      Hi there, i've made some very simple checks (i'm new to deck writing), and would welcome criticism and feedback. Ive stripped away most of the code but below is my attempt to find all PPLUS holes.


      My steps were:

      • i hovered over the layer PP in the cadence palette (virtuoso) to get the GDS number, then used the "LAYER MAP"
      • i then defined this as variable name "ALL_PP"
      • i used the calibre function "HOLES" (i found this in the manual) to derive a new layer called PPLUS_HOLES
      • now i wanted to simply display PPLUS_HOLES in the RVE but the only way i could think of was to say show me all PPLUS_HOLES less than a ridiculously large AREA, so therfore showing all cases of PPLUS_HOLES
        • this seems really clunky, is there a better way for me just to have the RVE highlight a given derived layer?

      Can anyone also suggest a good code editor, I'm using nedit and its doesn't show if i have missing brackets ...etc


      Many thanks







      LAYER MAP 25        DATATYPE 0    1025   



      LAYER ALL_PP         1025






      //Get all the pplus holes



      DEBUG_mode_by_area_PPLUS_HOLES{ @ DEBUG mode

      AREA PPLUS_HOLES < 1000000