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    How to draw vertical text in Layout


      I can draw text in xPCB Layout.

      I can choose an angle and size as well.

      But, now I don't want to tilt the whole string, just write vertical.

      That is leaving the single characters at 0 degrees angle, but have the string vertical: the characters one above the other.

      This, so you don't have to turn the board to be able to read the text.


      How can I do that, besides drawing each character separately and trying to get them lined up above each other.....

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          What you want and need is the Multiline Text Editor feature from Drawing Editor added and supported in Expedition.  (Or a font with characters that are rotated 90 degrees.)  Either way, this is an Idea Enhancement Request.  In the meantime, I suggest writing an automation script to accomplish the placement and alignment of each character in an input