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    Making cursor busy in DxDesigner


      I'm writing a program in VBScript for DxDesigner.  While the program is processing, I would like to make the cursor appear busy (change to hour glass) while the program is processing the design data.  I know how to do this in ExpeditionPCB.


      In looking at the xDX Designer Automation Reference, X-ENTP VX.1.2, I notice that the example program on page 42, uses vdapp.busycursor

      vdapp.busycursor = True' Set the cursor to the hour glass.


      but it doesn't seem to do anything, when I tried to use it.  Also in the Table of Contents under Application Object, I don't see it (busycursor) listed.


      Any ideas?


      Walt Beltz

      Lexmark Int'l Inc


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          call vdapp.Gui.CursorBusy(True)


          Reset it

          call vdapp.Gui.CursorBusy(False)

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            That works for ExpeditionPCB, but not DxDesigner.


            DxDesigner says "Object doesn't support this property or method. 'vdapp.Gui'


            I guess I'll write an SR against the documentation, since the example program is wrong in using busycursor.

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              Instead of attempting to make the busy cursor work, try using StatusBarText = "Some Informative Busy Message".  You can update this message through various phases of your code, and when you are done, then use StatusBarText = ""

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                Good suggestion.


                Yes, I'm doing that already. Actually I'm showing them a count of the components that are being processed (using the StatusBarText, as you suggested), to give them and idea of the progress of the program.

                I just like changing the cursor to the hour glass as a visual indication, since most MGC programs use this.


                I've since found out that

                Application.busycursor=True 'change cursor to hour glass


                Application.busycursor=False 'change cursor back to normal

                do actually work in DxDesigner!


                I've had some problems in getting it to work. In the best example, where it works, I still have to move the cursor after my program is done, in order for it to change from hour glass to the regular cursor.



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                  If you are already using StatusBarText, that's about as good as it gets.  You're showing actual script progress, which you cannot do with just a busy cursor.  You could also open a tab in the Message Window and report progress there.  I don't see any automation call to move the cursor after you change it, and the fact that you have to move it to make it change is probably a Windows thing.  Finally, Application.BusyCursor is a hidden (hence undocumented and unsupported) property, so don't look for Mentor to fix its operation.

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                    Thanks. I'm actually running on Linux. I will abandon for now.

                    I just saw it used in their program example in their manual and thought I  would use it.

                    It's so easy to do in ExpeditionPCB.