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about backup strategy in PADS professional

Question asked by nagaroyalguard on Sep 25, 2017
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Dear expert,

I am migrating from PADS 9.5 to PADS professional. After reading "project backup" section on PADS professional evaluation guide and some test, I found that in PADS DX Designer, there is no "save" operation. If I am understanding right, I can only restore a backup or use "undo" operation when I do modifications to my schematic. However, sometimes I can not clearly remember every modification I made to my schematic, and if they should be updated to schematic. In PADS 9.5, I will close the design without saving it. So if I am in this situation with PADS professional, I can only restore a trusted backup?


The evaluation guide also said "Everything you do between backups will be stored in the Undo queue". However, I think the undo queue is cleared after closing the project.



Thank you