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    EMI Cross Talk PCB Board Simulation


      Is there any Mentor Graphics tool which can simulate EM interference and cross talk between the PCB traces if we add power to the board and assign driving signals to the traces ?  

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          For crosstalk simulation, you can use HyperLynx SI. It does a great job of simulating crosstalk very quickly. Be aware that crosstalk simulation, in general, takes a lot more time than a single net simulation. There are many more buffers and transmission line sections involved in the simulation. Also, in case you don't have models for all the devices on your board, HyperLynx SI can calculate a fast estimate of crosstalk based on the actual PCB layout, and some general buffer parameters that you type in. This is certainly not accurate enough for a final design verification, but it is a good start to find large crosstalk errors.


          EMI is a different issue. There are a few tools available to calculate EM field propagation in 3 dimensions. These tools require a lot of computer power, and significant user expertise to get a good answer. HyerLynx SI has a quick EMC estimator, which is easy to use. It estimates EMC of a single net at a time. HyperLynx Advanced Solvers Full-Wave can accurately predict radiation from a PCB.

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            How to find manual for HyperLynx SI simulation for crosstalk ? Is there any document exist for HyperLynx SI ? I found a document for circuit simulation which we do in the schematic in Dx Designer but this is SPICE simulation, what I am looking for is crosstalk simulation after completing the PCB Layout. Is there any example or tutorial on this ?



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              Basically looking for how to open HyperLynx SI tool box from PCB VX2.1 Xpedition ? with manual or tutorial to use the tool box  for simulating crosstalk. The option in the attachment does not open anything Analysis => Export to HyperLynx SI/PI/Thermal. Do I need to enable something before exporting ?

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                You are correct in that HyperLynx Analog and HyperLynx SI are different. They are different tools and do different things. They are also installed separately. If the menu choice, Analysis > Export to HyperLynx SI/PI/Thermal doesn't do anything, then I expect that you don't have HyperLynx SI installed. It also uses a separate license, so before you go through the trouble to install the tool, you might want to verify that you have a license.


                After you open HyperLynx SI, you can use the help menu to open the user guide, which has some good information about getting started with crosstalk simulations. Also, there is a lot of good information on Mentor Support Center (support.mentor.com).




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                  Thanks now I found HyperLyns SI under Analysis => Export to HyperLynx SI/PI/Thermal. Actually it was not installed before. Now I see BoardSim and it's related documents in help.