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Using the -batchremove switch to uninstall applications

Question asked by peter.coghlan on Oct 2, 2017

Hi all


I'm wanting to create a silent install and un-install of the PADS PCB Viewer. As far as I can tell I should use the batch tool to create a script that automates the installation of the Viewer. I've got this working however I need a bit of information on silently removing the Viewer.


I can uninstall the Viewer using C:\MentorGraphics\Install\Install.exe -batchremove C:\MentorGraphics however am I right in thinking that this would remove all Mentor Graphics applications installed in this location (though I note it doesn't remove the batch tool itself)? The -batchremove switch supports passing it a .bat file however I cannot find any documentation on what should be contained in this file. I assume I can use this to target the uninstall of just the Viewer?


Any help on this would be much appriciated - maybe someone has a .bat file they use in conjunction with the -batchremove switch they would be willing to post?


Thanks in advance