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PADS Library Tools: PART editor, populating Pin Labels method.

Question asked by ChangeMe_111924 on Oct 3, 2017

I am a user of PADS Logic and are struggling with the PADS Standard PLUS xDESIGNER migration.

After many difficulties and problems when migrating libraries from LOGIC to Central Library of PADS Integrated, I don't understand the "correct" method for creating a new PART with "PADS Library Tools" after creating the symbol.

After SYMBOL creating with correct pin number, pin name and pin types, I create a new PARTt and I realize that I can not import the "pin mapping" of the pin number/name/types previously created in SYMBOL.

I read the article "" and " knowledge-base / MG591543".


Why this process is so complex?


Is there no other more automatic, more integrated and secure method to import pin mapping from SYMBOL to PART?


Many Thanks,