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Replace multiple indentical components with DxDatabook while preserving reference designators?

Question asked by fontain on Oct 5, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2017 by fontain

In my DxD schematic I want to replace a set of identical capacitors with another set of identical capacitors using DxDatabook.while preserving the existing reference designators.


I know how this works for a single capacitor:

  1. select the capacitor and load it into DxDatabook
  2. In DxDatabook remove the appropriate condition(s), e.g. the partnumber
  3. In DxDatabook select the new part
  4. Use the "annotate component with all properties" button in DxDatabook


However, when I select multiple identical capacitors from my schematic I'm not able to load them into DxDatabook. If I use the RMB an eror message pops up "Only one component can be loaded from Viewdraw. Results may be incorrect".


I played around with this a little bit and it turns out that if I reset the reference designators to "C?" (at the instance level) it is possible to load multiple identical components into DxDatabook. Isn't this weird as the reference designator is not a property that is loaded from DxDatabook? And as for resetting the reference designator, I want to preserve the existing values.


What is the correct procedure to load multiple identical components into Dxdatabook at once and replace all selected componets with a new part while preserving the reference designators?


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P.S. I like the ViewDraw reference in the error message  pop-up ... manually editing the ASCII schematic files proved to be quite simple