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export BOM Files from Variant Manager for each Board using VBS

Question asked by ozaouiidrissi on Oct 12, 2017
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I need to export BOM Files from Variant Manager for each Board, i create the function below with VBS that export BOMs files for active Board


Function BOMObjectGenerationFromVariantManager(OutputPathField, FormatField, IncludeMasterField, TypeField, PropertiesField, UserPropsField)


BOMObjectGenerationFromVariantManager = False

Dim vmBOM     

Set vmBOM = VmappObj.BOM

vmBOM.OutputPath = OutputPathField

vmBOM.Format = FormatField

vmBOM.IncludeMaster = IncludeMasterField

vmBOM.Type = TypeField

vmBOM.Properties = PropertiesField

vmBOM.UserProps = UserPropsField

Dim vmvar

For Each vmvar In VmdocObj.Variants

vmBOM.Add vmvar.Name



BOMObjectGenerationFromVariantManager = True


End Function


i tried to implement a loop as : For BoardNum = 1 To siCDBNum but every time it export BOMs files for the active board


Please can you help me to export BOM files for each board pragmatically ?


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