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Mechanical part for parts list but no decal defined

Question asked by wolferm on Oct 18, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2017 by wolferm

Made a part with no decal defined. It is an LED holder. I want it to output to a BOM which it does no problem.

Symbol is defined with no pins.

However package or forward annotate will not run do to this error.

Using Integrated Flow VX.2.2

Can this be done? What needs to change to make a part like this.

There are many in delivered libraries set up exactly this way.


INTERNAL S/W ERROR: There is no gate pin data on gate gate00
on part number H-180C-LP.

If a Parts DataBase other than the local one is corrected,
please be sure to run Packager in the overwrite mode or

Forward Annotation in the 'Replace Local Parts' mode. Otherwise, be
sure not to use these modes or the corrections will be lost.

ERROR: Bad data for Part Number: H-180C-LP in the

Parts DataBase for symbols with Part Name: H-180C-LP and Part Label: H-180C-LP.
The relevant symbols are:


Visit message location Block Network_Controller, Page 2, Symbol $2I4173


Visit message location Block Network_Controller, Page 2, Symbol $2I4153